About the Artist

With over 13 years of sculpting experience, Aleina Peterson is a world renowned sculpting artist, most famous for her Shyann Doll. Back in 2010 she performed in a live sculpting competition in the Helper Arts Festival, winning 1st place that year, and 2nd and 3rd place in the years after. She was later contacted by a reporter who was fascinated with her being a mother and also a sculptor, and placed her and her family on the front page of a newspaper. She did two sculpts for a film company, and was even contacted by Nirvana, but had to decline due to a contract with the dark fantasy film Porcelain. Bronze sculptor Gary Prazen hired her to do the fine detail of some wax sculpts before the bronze process. She was also contacted by a doctor help to assist him with anatomical projects, and helped create a giant styrofoam dragon for a local Spook Alley, along with many other opportunities over the years. With all of her creative talent, Aleina Peterson still sculpts today, lives in Salt Lake City Utah and is the mother of 10 beautiful children.